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Photocatalyst Air Filter To Keep Breathing Pure Oxygen

Growing vehicles and industries are not a good thing for human lungs. The higher number of asthma patients and other ailments related to respiratory systems doesn’t bode well for the coming generations along with present lot. What can one do to give their beloved family members easy breathing space? Buy a photocatalyst air filter that can be the source for pure oxygen in your house. It will help you to stay away from the deteriorating air quality issue which has been impacting health everywhere.


How it works and helps you

Firstly, an air purifier is unlike any other cooler or conditioner that just sprays air around in the house. The TIO2 photocatalyst filter works in simple way using the UV light to clear the air of any harmful substance by oxidization and decomposition at the surface level itself

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What You Need to Know About Photocatalyst Air Filter

Role of Photocatalytic

Photo Catalytic is achieved when you join UV light rays with a TiO2 covered filter. TiO2 refers to Titanium Oxide. This development creates hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions, which are extremely reactive electrons.

Air Filter

Why Choose Biocera Photocatalyst Air Filter

Improvement of Bad-smell Remove Function, Prevention of Function Decline cause of Saturation, Inhabitant Prevention of Bacteria & Mold, Bad-smell, Blocking cause of Secondary Pollution Settlement of Bad-smell problem of Sense Pollution.

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