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Remove Volatile Organic Compounds With Photocatalyst Purifiers

The use of photocatalyst filter is beneficial for both residential as well as commercial purposes as it enhances the standard of the environment by radically improving the air and water quality, removing toxic substances and minimizing odors.

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Get Refined Tap Water With Alkaline Water Pitcher

The necessity of pure drinkable water is increasing by the day as people are getting more affected from water borne diseases than other ailments. A simple yet effective way to maintain the healthy components of your water is by using an alkaline water pitcher. Though it looks similar to a normal jug or pitcher filter, but the functions are quite different. They not only filter out the toxic contaminants of water, but also increase the pH balance of water to about 9.5 making it more alkaline and removing the hardness.


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What You Need to Know About Photocatalyst Air Filter

Role of Photocatalytic

Photo Catalytic is achieved when you join UV light rays with a TiO2 covered filter. TiO2 refers to Titanium Oxide. This development creates hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions, which are extremely reactive electrons.

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Why Choose Biocera Photocatalyst Air Filter

Improvement of Bad-smell Remove Function, Prevention of Function Decline cause of Saturation, Inhabitant Prevention of Bacteria & Mold, Bad-smell, Blocking cause of Secondary Pollution Settlement of Bad-smell problem of Sense Pollution.

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