Hydrogen Rich Water is Very Good for Your Health

Drinking molecular and atomic hydrogen daily is an ideal health regimen that most people can afford and it is definitely one of the top five health habits that we recommend to everyone! A person who doesn’t drink hydrogen rich water doesn’t understand the nature of his own being and/or does not understand the opportunity that atomic hydrogen provides in terms of maximizing health and longevity. Human nature is such that people most often hang their hopes for success, including their hopes for good health, on complicated or expensive things and overlook the simple things.

Best to drink freshly made ionized water, we recommend drinking 48oz (1.5) liters minimum per day.

Use common table while vinegar to clean your Hydrogen Water Stick


  • Do not use Distilled Water or Osmosis Water to make Hydrogen Rich Water.
  • These Sources of water have very little mineral content and will not produce the best result.
  • Use “Clear” type vinegar and do not use vinegar with the “Mother” in it.
  • Use only water when making Hydrogen Rich Water, (Juices, milk, coffee and other drinks will ruin your stick)

If you decide not to use a stick for a long period of time 2-3 days place your stick in zip lock bag and store it in your refrigerator.

Read Full Article at  https://goo.gl/t6ma26


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