Why You Should Spend Money on Biocera Facial Mist Spray

The Biocera Water Mist is mounted with silver foam that maximizes the silver surface area 6,000 times, silver is abundantly released and it is changed into water which is good for skin. Biocera hydrating facial mist is a colloid silver water manufacturing device that is possible to use any time any place.biocera Water Mist

What is effectiveness

  • Soothes dry and damaged skin with hydration.
  • Protects the skin from activated oxygen.
  • Ionized water provides long
  • Long-lasting hydration for the skin.
  • Particularly in case of yellow dust or ultra-fine dust, it blocks the absorption of toxic substances into the skin.
  • Lightly spray onto the skin before or after wearing makeup.
  • After taking a bath, spray on the desired area for exfoliation and hydrating effect.
  • Spray onto dry or oily skin, whenever needed.

How to Use It

Use Biocera Water Mist

Video About Biocera Water Mist Face Spray

Where to Buy it

You will buy it from Biocera official website at http://biocera.co.kr/water-mist-spray.html






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